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Product List

Below is a concise list of the products that SW Vapor carries. For the full scope of our inventory please visit our shop today or contact us.


We carry a variety of vaporizers including basic kits, box mods, mechanical mods, and temperature control mods.


Economic starter kits for beginners


Perfect for cloud chasing

Herbal Vaporizers

Vaporize dry material on the go

Desktop Vaporizers

High-powered machines that are built to last

Concentrate Vaporizers

Dr. Dabber, wax globes, Go Pen


Basic tanks, RDAs (Rebuild-able Atomizers) for a custom tank, and Sub-Ohm tanks for cloud chasing without having to build your coils.

Protanks, EVOD, T3s Tanks

Easy to use and economical


Cloud chasers, add your own coils

Sub-ohm Tanks

Large amounts of vapor without having to build your own coils

Vaporizer Liquid

Besides premium brand-name e-juices, SW Vapor has a menu of house blended e-liquid. Enjoy complete customization of flavor, nicotine level and base glycerin.

In-House Made E-Juice

Custom E-Liquid


A large selection of flavors and brands


• All spare parts for basic tanks and sub-ohm tanks and RDA'S
• A1 Kanthal wire, titanium wire, nickel wire for building coils
• Coil Master products (tools for building coils)
• Cotton Bacon (cotton for making your own wicks)
• Battery chargers (chargers for high output batteries and for basic ecigs)
• Batteries (ego batteries, 13650-18650) Those numbers relate to the size of the battery (13650= 13mm wide, 65mm long, the 0 means it is a circular battery)


A huge selection of glassware including dab rigs, water pipes, hand pipes and bubblers. Opt for scientific or artistic glass. Much of our glassware is LOCALLY-MADE!

Artistic Glassware

Functional pieces of art, many locally-made

Basic Glassware

Water bongs, bubblers, pipes

Scientific Glassware

Function above everything else

Head Shop Accessories


Grinders to assist breaking up dry material


Make sure you get an extra smooth hit

Rolling Papers

Roll it up with the best

Glassware Cases

Transport delicate glass in a padded, multi-compartment case

Cleaning Solutions

Clean your vaporizers with safe, effective solutions

Miscellaneous Products

DIY Vaporizer Kits

Build your own vaporizer and get exactly what you want

Unique Items

Hipsters can't resist this beauty